Daniel Clarke – Portfolio


A former English and music teacher, I am attracted to the human side of webdev: UX/UIs, accessibility, and learning and sharing ideas on web development. I enjoy working with technologies that reduce complexity and collocate related concerns, such as Tailwind CSS, SvelteKit, Elixir and Phoenix LiveView.

Technical skills


HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Elixir, Haskell, Ruby

CSS ecosystem

Tailwind CSS

Bootstrap, Less, Sass

JS ecosystem

Svelte/SvelteKit, React/Next.js, Alpine.js

Vue.js, Express, Gatsby


Phoenix framework, accessibility, Git, UX, Vim

Docker, Firebase, Gcloud, WordPress

Soft skills


I am a former English and music teacher, once winning a Teacher of the Year award. I am a volunteer coach at Codebar Helsinki.


I have been writing a complementary blog for Flippin' English Club (see side projects).

Industry interests


I have taken a UX course on Udemy, read Designed for Use, and follow UX advice from NN/g.

Business and programming

I have read industry-related books like Rework, Getting Real, and The Pragmatic Programmer.


I am an avid listener to podcasts like Syntax, Shop Talk Show, Svelte Radio, Thinking Elixir, and Full Stack Radio.

Side projects

Calculator app

Calculator app is a Frontend Mentor challenge, with a thorough spec to check my demo solution against.

Built with SvelteKit and Tailwind CSS

Spec Demo Code

Flippin' English Club

Flippin' English Club is an app for learning English sentences rapidly.

Built with SvelteKit and Tailwind CSS

Demo Code

Calling articles and auth APIs

This project was for an interview assignment. It is a front end for a newspaper site, and calls an articles API and an authentication API.

Built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS

Documentation Code